Dear, Gold crystals collectors:

I welcome you, to “THE JUNGLE BUYER GOLD CRYSTALS” website. I have been honored over the past eleven years to work in the Jungle area and I look forward to continuing the work we have engaged in over the past several years.

Gold crystals are prized for their brilliance, color, and shape, and have captivated our imaginations since ancient times. Learn about the qualities that contribute to the beauty of gold crystals so you can make the right choice for you.

The more you know about gold crystals, the more confident you'll feel about choosing the right pieces. Below, we've provided some basic information about gold crystals.

The jungle buyer has been trained over the years in the Amazon site. So he knows more about gold crystals than, well, almost anybody.

Which means, whether you're a first time buyer, or looking to upgrade to a larger or better quality gold crystal, he has the knowledge to help you make the best decision.

Gold in well-formed crystals is extremely rare compared with the amount of the metal produced.

The Gold crystals preserved in mineral collections have been recovered mostly from placer deposits though the softness and malleability of gold make destruction of form during transportation highly probable.

Primitive methods of recovering gold from such deposits are more favorable for the discovery of crystals than the methods now generally employed in placer and lode mines.

Also the intrinsic value of gold tends to prevent preservation of crystals that would be of scientific value

Our Jungle Buyer expeditions were born in 1999 as a result of the vision and dedicated focus of our Mining Projects.

We’ve been growing over the past ten years and transformed expeditions into a great moments; we have worked diligently to create a program that is small, but perfect to find the best Gold crystals.

Our mission is to educate collectors to become passionate, lifelong learners. We do this through expeditionary learning, a focus on the collector, and a curriculum that weaves in outdoor education and field work.

This framework enables us to build a strong sense of community and positive relationships with our miners and their families.

We believe that a strong partnership between our mining, each collector it will be a great success.

We encourage and invite you to participate and volunteer in our webpage.

Without the support and involvement from collectors and regular visitors we would not be able to achieve our dreams.

Working together enhances the environment that makes our Gold Crystals so special.

Our website will give you up to date information about our wonderful Expeditions and new Gold Crystals.

Please email me if you would like more information.

The Jungle Buyer is a vibrant and progressive site that works very hard to uphold the philosophies of our vision and belief statements.


Alejandro Stern
The Jungle Buyer

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